The Firewater Wines Initiative
5% to help ensure a sustainable future


"From the earth. for the earth" is more thAn just our motto, It is THE guiding principle for the work that we do.

We believe that the earth provides us with all that is needed to create our wines and, as part of our philosophy of giving back, we have created The Firewater Wines initiative. This Initiative mandates we donate 5% of all net profits to causes that help our environment, specifically sustainable farming research. 

That's why we are happy to announce that the  2019 benefactor of our philanthropic efforts will be the UC Davis Agricultural Sustainability Institute. ASI’s mission is to answer big questions on how to make agriculture and food systems more sustainable. Uc Davis has been a leader in the development of best practices for those growing grapes (viticulture) and creating wine (Enology) and is on the cutting edge of research related to sustainability.  

We are proud to join together with such names as the W.K Kellogg foundation, Del Monte Foods, Campbell Soup and others to support ASI in their efforts to make our world a better place.